Twitty Conway – Love To Lay You Down

Аккорд A
I'd Just Love To Lay You Down

There?s a (G)lot of ways of sayin? what I wanna say to you,
There?s (D)songs and poems and promises and
(C)dreams that might come (G)true,
But I won?t talk of starry skies or (C)moonlight on the (G)ground,
I'll come right out and (D)tell ya,
I'd just (C)love to lay ya (G)down,

(G)Lay ya down and softly whisper,
pretty love words in your ear,
Lay ya (D)down and tell ya all the things
A (C)woman loves to (G)hear,
I'll let you know how much it means just (C)havin? you (G)around,
Oh, (D)darlin? how I'd (C)love to lay ya (G)down,

There?s so many ways your sweet love?s
made this house into a home,
(D)You?ve got a way of doin? little (C)things that turn me (G)on,
Like standin? in the kitchen, in your (C)faded cotton (G)gown,
With your hair all up in (D)curlers I'd still
(C)love to lay you (G)down,

Repeat Chorus

When a (G)whole lot of Decembers,
are showin? in your face,
Your (D)auburn hair has faded and,
(C)Silver takes it?s (G)place,
You?ll be just as lovely, and (C)I'll still be (G)around,
And If I can I (D)know that I'll still (C)love to lay you (G)down,

Repeat Chorus: 2X