Avril Lavigne – Skater Boi

Аккорд C Аккорд D Аккорд Dm Аккорд F Аккорд A Аккорд Bm Аккорд Bb

D             A
He was a boi, she was a girl
Bm            Bb
Can I make it anymore obvious.
D              A           Bm
He was a punk, she did ballet,
What more can I say.
D               A
He wanted her, she'd never tell,
Bm       Bb
secretly she wanted him aswell.
D                   A                   Bm
All of her friends, they stuck up their nose,
they had a problem with his baggy clothes.

F               Dm                         Bb
He was a skater boi, she said see ya later boi,
          C                F
He wasn't good enough for her.
                  Dm                    Bb
She had a pretty face, but her head was up in space,
               C                 Bb
She needed to come back down to earth.

D                     A          Bm
Five years from now, she sits at home,
feeding the baby, she's all alone.
D              A                 Bm
She turns on T.V, guess who she sees,
Skater Boi rocking up MTV.
D                 A                    Bm
She calls up her friends, they already know,
and they've all got tickets to see his show.
D         A                        Bm
She tags along, and stands in the crowd,
Looks up at the man that she turned down.

F               Dm                         Bb
He was a skater boi, she said see ya later boi,
           C               F
He wasn't good enough for her.
                Dm                     Bb
Now he's a superstar, slammin on his guitar,
                  C                   Bb
Does your pretty face see what he's worth.  (Repeat)

Dm                         F                                   C
Sorry girl but you missed out, well tough luck that boi's mine now,
                            Bb                             Dm
We are more than just good friends, this is how the story ends.
                          F                               C
Too bad that you couldn't see, see the man that boi could be,
There is more than meets the eye, I see the soul that is inside.

D            A               Bm
He's just a boi, I'm just a girl,
can I make it anymore obvious.
D          A                Bm
We are in love, havn't you heard,
how we rock each other's world.

F                 Dm                       Bb
I'm with a skater boi, I said see ya later boi,
             C               F
I'll be backstage after the show.
                 Dm                        Bb
I'll be in da studio, singing the song we wrote,
about the girl you used to know.   (Repeat)


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