Angels – I Aint The One

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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:46:50 +1100
From: Russell & Charlie 
Subject: PRO: a/angels/i_ain't_the_one

Song: I Ain't The One
By: Angels
Album: Their Finest Hour...and then some
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards

[A] [D] [C#] [A] x 2

[A]Smokers choking in the smokin' room
Fishes in the fish tank [D] [C#] [A]
Sailors waitin' for the tide to turn
Too bad the ship sank [D] [C#] [A]
[D]Well this waxwork wound up to walk
Stares through the window [D/G] [D]
[A]Holler in the alley
Went lookin' for the exit
Facin' the shadow [D] [C#] [A]

[D]I don't patronise you [G] [F#] [E] [D]
[D]No, I don't try to put you down [G] [F#] [E] [D]
[D]I don't criticise you [G] [F#] [E] [D]

[A]I ain't the one	 x 2			)
I ain't the one to judge [D] [C#] [A]	)	x 2

Hard hittin' journalist
Says he's a communist
Says he believes in world war 3
Lives in a high rent luxury apartment
He ain't foolin' me



[F#]Readin' the [B]newspaper
Keepin' in touch
[F#]They steal your secret
But [B]I ain't the [B]one [B/A] [B/G] [B/F#] to [A]judge, ahhh



Chorus (with backing)	x 2