Adams Ryan – New York New York

Аккорд D Аккорд E Аккорд A
Ryan Adams
New York New York
Tabbed by 4d
Pretty simple and accurate tab to play along to, there?s just 4 chords to learn to play it. The rhythm is 
tricky to get, but listen to the track a few hundred times, play along and then you?ve got it.

	A	A/D	E	D

Intro: A and A/D changing (listen to track to see about timing)

Verse 1: A changing to A/D half way through each line

Well, I shuffled through the city on the 4th of July
I had a firecracker waiting to blow
Breakin' like a rocket who was makin' its way
Ro the cities of Mexico
Lived in an apartment out on avenue a
I had a tar hut on the corner of 10th
Had myself a lover who was finer than gold
But I've been broken up and busted up since

E		A	E		A	D
And love don't play any games with me, anymore
Like she did before
E		A		E	A
The world won't wait, so I better shake
That thing right out there through the door
					Change back to verse rhythm (A+A/D)
Hell, I still love you, New York

Verse 2: same
Found myself a picture that would fit in the folds
Of my wallet and it stayed pretty good
Still amazed I didn't lose it on the roof of the place
When I was drunk and I was thinking of you
Everyday the children they were singing their tunes
Out on the streets and you could hear from inside
Used to take the subway up to Houston and 3rd
I would wait for you and I'd try to hide

Chorus 2: same rhythm as chorus 1
And love won't play any games with me, anymore
If you don't won't it to
The world won't wait and I watched you shake
But honey, I don't blame you
Hell, I still love you New York

You don?t need to play the saxophone bit at the end, I reckon it ruins it anyway!